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The path of the Kraken site began at the end of 2022, and this happened for the reason that a few months earlier, the main site of the darknet, Hydra, was closed. In May 2022, Hydra was shut down, but literally 4-5 months later Kraken was born, which took into account all the mistakes of its predecessor and now it is almost impossible to block the Kraken site. The thing is that this resource uses the latest modern approach to data storage, the site does not lie on one server, but is located all over the world at once, this excludes the possibility of blocking or deleting it.

In addition to the fact that the Kraken site is as safe and reliable as possible, there are a number of other advantages why thousands of users visit Kraken every day.
The first is a cool website design. When you visit kraken onion for the first time, you might think that the site is simple, but over time you realize that this is its feature. Nothing distracts from shopping, no annoying banners, no ads. Buying and selling goods and services in their purest form. In addition, Kraken has created a convenient dispute system that allows you to quickly resolve any difficulties in work and disagreements.